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FaqsFrequently asked questions

You have a question about our fonts or you need more license info ? We try to help you here
1 / If I buy a commercial license, when will I receive the font file ?
  • Immediately after the payment, a page where you can download the font will open. In addition we send you the download link a by email.
2 / I don't understand when I need a commercial license
  • Please be sure to read the EULA ( End-User license agreement) before any use of the font. All our fonts are available for purchase here. If you make profit, you will need a license. The most fonts are for sale for 49$ on this website, it is one time fee and the license is valid for a lifetime.If you want to purchase several fonts or have other proposals, mail [email protected] and we’ll agree a good deal.
3 / What does "web version incuded" mean ?
  • It means that the package includes the "desktop" version plus the "web" version of the font. Above all, it means that you have the additional right to embed the font in your project !
4 / In which cases your fonts are free for use ?
  • We are glad to share our fonts for your personal projects ! Your project is considered as personal when you don't earn any money - in any way - from it. Please don't forget to send us your creation, we are curious to see how our fonts are used by graphic designers ;)
5 / Is there a difference between the .ttf file for personal use and the .ttf file for commercial use ?
  • Yes, a big one. Embedding is not allowed in the the font for personal use whereas printing and previewing is allowed in commercial version.
6 / I purchased a commercial license but i still have a restriction message when i try to print my design ?
  • It looks like you are still running the demo version of the font. Please remove all traces of the font from your computer by uninstalling it. Reinstall the commercial version then reboot your computer. It should works properly now.
7 / How do you protect your typefaces ?
  • Many graphic designers ask us this question. In the USA, each of our fonts are protected by a design patent and most of our font names are protected by a Trademark™ . Outside the USA, the font is officially protected by a Copyright ©. This is the only way to entirely secure your work as a typographer.
8 / I think someone is using your work commercially without a license, should I tell you ?
  • Yes, please don’t hesitate to let us know. we will be able to compensate you if you are correct. Be sure to include name, company, contact details or the info you have on the user.